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Touchquest Marathon

How does it work?

Players will have less than two weeks to find sponsors to donate a $ amount for each time that a player touches a soccer ball. The goal will be for each player to touch the ball 200 times a day from 11/4 to 11/23. So if I pledge $1 per 200 touches for a player on the Bulldogs and they complete the challenge, I would donate $20.

As the method is optimal to encourage touches on the ball for each player, sponsors may also pledge a dollar amount without that player completing their goal.



In order to register for this, sponsors would need to go to our website and click on the tab on the on the left hand side that says 4000 Touches (New). This will direct them to register themselves and who they would like to sponsor. It will then prompt them to pay via credit card or they can also pay by check, and those can be collected and sent to the team representative or manager along with the pledge sheet. Checks must be made out to Albertson Soccer Club, they should have the person they are sponsoring on the check as well as the team they play for.


Project Nyame Nsa

Project Nyame Nsa seeks to build a Village 0f Hope that will provide holistic (spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical) well being to orphans and highly vulnerable children in Ghana, Africa. This project is the brain child of a former Albertson Soccer Club family.


Albertson Soccer Club’s financial aid program

Seeks to provide financial aid to those players who are in need. It Is an opportunity for each team to help offset tournament and training costs and allow those who cannot afford to participate in the program.


Schedule Tuesday, November 24th:

U17 – U13 . 6pm – 8pm

U14 – U18 . 8pm – 10pm

Soccer related games will be played with prizes awarded. There wit be a Chinese & silent auction also.


Goals and Rewards

(will be awarded on November 24th)


$100: 5 Chinese Auction tickets to be used at the event

$250: T-Shirt & 5 Chinese Auction tickets to be used at the event

$500: Sweatshirt &  5 Chinese Auction ticktes to be used at the event

$1,000: One (1) 30 minute Private Training with PRSS trainer plus above prizes

$2,000: One (1) 30 minute Private Training with Paul Riley plus above prizes

$2,500: One (1) Albertson Registration for 2016-2017 season plus above prizes


Team prizes will be awarded to the top 5 teams who collect the most amount of money


Get Involved:

Volunteers will be needed throughout the event so please contact Tracy Silverman at